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Privacy Policy

At Beach Essentials, the security and privacy of our clients as well as the users of our website is of great importance to us. The Beach Essentials team comprises people who access and use other websites so we understand why it is necessary to ensure that your privacy is protected and respected at all times. You may email us your questions via if you are interested in learning more about how we protect your privacy.

The Beach Essentials SLU is the data controller company responsible for managing the privacy of every visitor to our website for all our services.

Below, we will explain the data we require from our users and why we need these pieces of information from them.

What data do we need and why do we need them?

  • Your name and contact information

-To post your orders.

-To send you information, notices, and updates via email or as a text message. Getting this information across to you is necessary to help us inform you of when your order has been delivered as well as to keep you informed about our offers and promotions.

-To enable us to detect and prevent potentially fraudulent cases to protect you from being a victim of fraudulent acts.

-To help us determine what our customers like, which is essential if we must offer the products and services you want.

  • Your date of birth

-To check that you are up to the legal age.

-To detect and prevent fraudulent acts.

  • Information on your gender

-To redirect you to sections of our website which offers products and services you are likely to be more interested in.

  • Your payment information

-To process your transactions (may include but is not limited to collecting payments and making refunds).

-As an e-commerce company, this is essential if we must comply with our contract with you.

-To detect and prevent fraudulent acts.

  • Your contact history with us

-To deliver better customer service.

-To train our members of staff to allow them to offer a better and more helpful service when we are contacted by customers.

  • Your purchase history and saved products

-To suggest products that may be of interest to you.

-To improve customer services in handling returns.

-To find what you and other customers like.

  • Information on accounts linked to us

-To improve your access to the website without having to create an account as you can easily use a direct link via social networks.

-To offer recommendations on products to enable you to find what you like.

  • Your responses, quizzes, and promotions

-To conduct surveys, quizzes or promotions

  • Your IP address, browser and Operating System

- To promote marketing campaigns by e-mail

You are not obligated to provide us with any personal data. However, if you do not, your shopping experience with us will be greatly limited as you will be unable to make any purchase from the store. Nonetheless, the decision to share personal information is solely up to you and we will respect whatever decision you make. We are committed to offering you the products you like but without your data, it will be impossible for us to receive your order, process your payments and deliver the goods to you. Conclusively, we can not give you personal attention if we do not have your personal information.

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us and we will never compromise your privacy. Your data is anonymized and grouped to make it more difficult for an external party to monitor or identify you. Your information is used for a variety of purposes including research and data analysis tasks and testing computer systems to improve our website and develop new products and services. We may also share your personal information with affiliated third parties.

Use of Pay Platforms

As an e-commerce store, it is necessary for us to work with payment platforms to help us efficiently process and handle your orders. We use the best payment platform available in the market whose security values are well aligned with that of Beach Essentials to ensure that we can offer you the best service while keeping your private data safe and secure.

Shopify handles the marketing, transactions, and shipping of products. You can review their privacy policy here to learn more.

Stripe is responsible for processing and storing information related to your payment. Stripe ensures that customers can pay for the products they want to purchase as smoothly as possible. You can review their privacy policy here to learn more.

PayPal is a payment platform used on the website which links your PayPal account to your credit card. To complete your payments using the PayPal method, log in to your account with your verified e-mail and password then select the credit card you want to pay with. You can review PayPal's privacy policy here to learn more.

Social Networks and Advertising

Beach Essentials have accounts on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. These accounts were created primarily for the purpose of marketing the products and services of Beach Essentials.

Our customers may follow Beach Essentials on these social networks. However, it is imperative to note that our users who follow Beach Essentials on any of the aforementioned social media platforms are understood to have accepted the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of such social network.

You agree that Beach Essentials may have access to your public information especially your contact name on the social network when you follow the account. Nonetheless, the user can configure the privacy pertinent on their profiles on the pertinent social network whenever they please.

Use of Profile

Regarding the use of your profile, Beach Essentials may carry out any of the following actions;

  • Access the public information on the user's profile.
  • Post information on the user's profile (information previously published on the website) if requested by the user.
  • Send private messages via the channels of the pertinent social network with permission from the user.
  • Update the page status which can be viewed on the user’s timeline.

The user will have control over his/her profile at all times and may delete any content they are not interested in. The user may also modify their privacy settings to check and regulate whom they share their connections with. We work together with Google Analytics which provides us with information regarding your age, sex, and location to help us tailor your feed to show you what might be of interest to you.

Promotions, Quizzes and Raffles –  Website and Social Networks

Beach Essentials reserves the right to organize promotions, quizzes, and raffles. If these events are organized on social networks, users following the page may choose to participate. Beach Essentials shall also publish the regulations binding these events, in compliance with currently applicable law.


Beach Essentials may use social networks in the marketing and advertisement of its products and services. If we choose to use your contact information in direct commercial research tasks, we shall do so in compliance with the privacy policy of the relevant social networks.

Below are links to the privacy policy of the social networks on which we have accounts:

-    Facebook:

-    Twitter:

-    Instagram:

-    YouTube:

-    LinkedIn:

-    Pinterest:

-    Google+:

Partial Nullity

In the event that any of the clauses of this Conditions of Use becomes invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and interpreted with consideration to the intentions of the parties and the essence of such Conditions of Use.

Should Beach Essentials fail to comply with any of the rights mentioned in these Conditions of Use, this shall not be considered a waiver of such rights. However, a specific waiver in written form by Beach Essentials shall be considered. Also, if the pertinent action becomes time-barred, then such noncompliance may also be interpreted as a waiver.

Amendments to the Conditions of Use

Beach Essentials reserves the right to make modifications to the Conditions of Use, Cookie Policy, and Privacy Policy as well as the settings and layout of the website at any time without any notification to the users.

These Conditions of Use shall be available to be accessed by our customers here on this webpage at all times. Customers must thoroughly review this Conditions of Use as accepting this agreement is a necessity if you are to contract any product or service from us, either via the website or apps.

Communication between Beach Essentials and Customer

Every communication between Beach Essentials and our customers regarding these Conditions of Use, shall be processed via the available online communications channel or by email The mailing system must allow for the verification of the content and receipt of the communications by Beach Essentials. Communications between Beach Essentials regarding the purchase of products and services on the website may also be processed via e-mail, WhatsApp and social networks on which we have accounts.

In our bid to ensure that we deliver good quality customer service to all our customers, we are in a partnership with Zendesk. The company is responsible for dealing with the queries we receive to find effective solutions and resolve the issues as promptly as possible. Zendesk is attached to the treaty ‘Privacy Shield’ and it is in conformity with the enforceable provisions as well. You can review their privacy policy here: to learn more.

Applicable Legislation

Providing our customers with the best service possible is our top priority at Beach Essentials. To enable us to achieve this goal, we have an expert team in place whose members will see to the protection your personal information, in conformity with EU Regulation 2016/679, on the protection of individuals in connection with the processing of personal information and the free movement of the pertinent data. This legislation was officially implemented on the 25th of May 2018. You can read up more information on the legislation here: