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These are some of our most frequently asked questions from customers. Please go through this page and if you believe your questions have not been answered to a satisfactory degree, please contact us for help.

My Order

How can I cancel my order?

Orders can be canceled within the first 24 hours. Beyond 24 hours, cancellation is no longer possible and you will have to wait until the product is delivered to you, then you can proceed to return it. Please reach out to us via email at and we can help you with that.

Why was I charged a commission when I already cancelled the order?

Your bank or PayPal may charge you commissions for cancelling an order. This is beyond our control and you may have to take it up with your bank.

How can I change an order I already made?

Orders can be modified within the first 24 hours. Beyond 24 hours, you will have to wait until the product is delivered to you, then please contact us if you want to change an order.

Do you have wholesale discounts?

Yes, discounts are available for large orders. Please contact us about any potential discount on your orders and we will get back to you as promptly as we can.

Why did you refund my payment?

If you order a product which is unavailable or out of stock for a short period, we will have to return the money you paid for the item.

Why did you cancel my order and return the money?

We cancel orders for different reasons, the most common reasons being that (1) we may have been unable to process your order (2) we may have detected a possibly fraudulent transaction and you have not provided the data we required to authenticate your identity.


What countries do you ship to?

We ship Worldwide.

How long do shipments take?

Once your order has been processed, you can expect to receive your products within the next 12 to 20 days. However, the delivery time may be longer or shorter depending on the country. You can review our Shipping Policy for more information.

When will I get my tracking number?

You will receive the tracking number for your order within 72 hours after we confirm that your order has been processed. Please contact us if you do not receive your tracking number after 72 hours.

Why has my tracking number not been updated?

The tracking number is not updated in real time and as such, it may take a few days for an update to be reflected.

Why have I received just one item from several orders?

We work with a number of suppliers and even if you order several items together, you may likely receive them at different times owing to the fact that they are being sent by different vendors.

What can I do if my tracking number doesn't work?

Please remember that tracking numbers are not updated in real time. Wait for 48 hours to check your tracking number and if it is still not working, feel free to contact us for help. We will request a new tracking number from the transport company shipping your product.

Where is my order being shipped from?

Orders are usually shipped from Asia, Europe, the United States, and Mexico.

It has been a while and I am yet to receive my order, what do I do?

Transport companies may sometimes leave your order in the post office closest to your address. Please check with the post office closest to you if your item has been delivered. If it is not there, you can contact us and we will look into your order.

Which shipping company is delivering my order?

Orders are shipped from Asia, Europe, the US or Mexico via ordinary mail to the respective countries. Once they are delivered in a country, they are then picked up and delivered by the local transport companies.

My package is listed as delivered but I am yet to receive it, what do I do?

In situations like this, your item is most likely at the post office nearest to your address. Please contact the nearby post office and provide them with your full name, address and tracking ID to collect your delivery.

Will I need to pay customs?

Our shipments are sent out on a unit basis so it is highly unlikely you will have to pay customs. Nonetheless, the legislation of certain countries may necessitate the need to pay customs.

Why was I charged twice for a single order?

Your payment may be declined the first time you try to pay and go through afterward. In most cases, the initial payment may be credited back to your account and in other cases, your bank may choose to retain it for a while. We have no control over such retentions and you may need to consult your bank about it. Notwithstanding, you can still contact us to verify the case and clear any doubts you may have.

I was charged an incorrect amount for my order? What do I do?

When this happens, it is usually because the exchange rate of the US dollar and your home currency as applied by your bank may not match the exchange rate used on the website. Please consult your bank to confirm the exchange rate they use.

Why have I not been refunded yet?

Refunds take an average of 7 to 14 working days to be reflected in your bank account. It may take a longer or shorter time depending on your bank and the type of card you use.

Can I receive my refund in an account different from the one I paid with?

We can only send refunds to the account which was used in the original payment meaning you can not receive refunds in a card or bank account different from the one who made the purchase with. Even if an account has been closed, we will still make the refund. Please contact your bank to find out how you can retrieve your money in such a situation.

Changes and Returns

How can I change an item?

You can send a request to change an item within the first 14 days after delivery following the steps as outlined on this form and we will address your case. We will not respond to change requests sent via email or chat. You can read our Return Policy for more information on how to change an item.

Can I change just a part of the product I ordered?

Unfortunately, you can not change one part of an order. If you must change order, then you have to return the entire package. You can send us a change request using this form.

How is the change process?

You can only request to change a product within the first 14 days after you must have received it. Fill out this form and submit it to request a change. Once we receive a change request, we will verify it and someone from our team will contact you with the address where the item to be changed will be sent to. You will have to send the item to this address and send us the tracking code. We will send you the new item with all the features as requested once we have gotten the tracking number. You may have to pay for the shipping of the product you want to return, however, this is usually dependent on the post mail company you use.

What type of items can I return?

You can only return items in their original packaging and they must remain in their original conditions (unused, unwashed with the labels intact) when returned. We will not accept items which have been dirtied, altered or damaged. Items purchased with a coupon code or in a sales promo may also not be returned. You can read our Return Policy to learn more about the type of items you can return.

Which address do I send my returns to?

Once you have completed and submitted your returns form, one of our customer care representatives will contact you with the address to which you will send the product. All returns must be sent via a postal system that allows for tracking of items and you must provide us with the tracking number of the product you returned to enable us to follow up on the item. We will make a refund to your account or send you a new product as the case may be once we have received the tracking number.

Do I have to pay for returns?

We will handle the cost of shipping if the product to be returned meets the following requirements; - The product has a manufacturing defect which renders it unusable. Such defects do not include differences in color, size, design or pattern - The product received does not match what was ordered - The size of the product sent is different from the size that was requested The buyer will handle the cost of shipping if; - The product does not match the buyer's expectations - The requested size does not fit the measurement of the buyer - The buyer simply wants to return it or change it for a different product If the customer also requests a refund in any of these cases where they are responsible for the shipping costs, we may decide to return 25% of the value of the item for the customer to keep the product in exchange, thus avoiding the costs of shipping and customs.

About Us

Where are we located?

Our offices are located in the San Jose, Costa Rica. However, we have warehouses in Asia, Europe, the US, and Mexico.