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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy For Beach Essentials

What are cookies?

Cookies are packets of information containing small text files which are downloaded and stored in a user's device (such as a computer, smartphone or tablet) whenever the user accesses certain webpages. Cookies do not collect personal information (such as name, address or credit card details) which may expose the identity of the user and the information so collected is anonymous. Throughout this policy,  note that the term “the Website” may be used in reference to the Beach Essentials website.

What are cookies used for?

The Beach Essentials website makes use of cookies in addition to other information storage and recovery tools to monitor your interaction with the products and services provided on the Website. Cookies also enable the identification of the browser via which you are accessing the Website. Cookies remind the website of the browsing preferences of the user to improve navigation, facilitate communications between the website and the user and provide an overall more worthwhile and helpful experience for the user on their next visit.

Types of cookies used

Two types of cookies are used on the Website, they are;

Advertising cookies: These cookies allow for the efficient management of advertising spaces offered by the editor on a website or application based on certain criteria such as frequency at which are ads are shown or the edited content. These cookies help us provide users with ads which have been specifically tailored to be in alignment with their interests.

Analytic cookies:The Analytic cookies collect information on users visiting the Website in regard to their behavioral patterns on the site. The following cookies are enabled by Google Analytics on the Website's domain:

  • -__utma”: This cookierequisite to the functioning of Google Analytics. They expire after 2 years.
  • -“__utmz”: This cookie is used to monitor the entry routes of users on the Website (where they come from and how they enter). They expire after 6 months.
  • -“__utmb”: These cookies are used to register the time of arrival of users visiting the Website. They are valid until 30 minutes after the last registry and are automatically deleted once a user moves to another website or leaves the browser all together. moving onto a different Website or shutting the browser.
  • -“__utmc”:This cookie was used alongside the __utmb cookie to determine if it was appropriate to begin a new session for a user 30 seconds after their stayon the Website. However, the current JavaScript code used by Google Analytics voids the need for this cookie. Nonetheless, it can still be used to test compatibility with websites that still make use of the former tracking code urchin.js.

Below are the companies that make use of the Analytic and Advertising cookies in the Website:











How to disable cookies

You can easily manage your cookies settings from your browser in order to have more control over your information and by extension, your privacy. All browsers provide you with the option of disabling cookies. To access this setting on your browser, follow the instructions below depending on your current browser;

  1. Internet Explorer(
  • From the tools menu, click on “Internet Options”
  • Next, click on the privacy tag.
  • On the new screen, you may configure your privacy by selecting your preferred cookie settings. The six levels via which you can control the amount of cookies that will be installed on your device are: (1) Block all cookies, (2) High, (3) Medium High, (4) Medium, (5) Low and (6) Accept all cookies.The medium setting is usually the default setting.
  1. Mozilla Firefox(
  • Click on the Tools menu located at the upper part of the Firefox window
  • Select Options, then select the Privacy panel
  • You may then configure your privacy by choosing your preferred configuration
  1. Google Chrome(
  • From the Tool Bar, click on the menu
  • Select the Configuration option
  • Click on Show advanced options
  • From the “Privacy” section, click on “Content Configuration”
  • You may configure your cookie settings in the “Cookies” section.
  1. 4Safari (
  • From the configuration menu, select Preferences
  • Select the privacy option
  • You may select your preferred the option from the “block cookies” section

It is important to understand that when you disable cookies, some functions of the Website may be made unavailable thus rendering the website partially functional.

If you do not want your information to be collected and monitored by cookies, Google has developed a tool which can prevent cookies from tracing you. You may download and installed on your browser from here:

Cookies on mobile devices

Websites also make use of cookies on mobile devices and you may also configure your cookie settings on mobile browsers as well. To configure your privacy options on mobile, simply follow the instructions as made available by the developers of the browser for mobile devices. Below are illustrations on how you can modify your privacy settings on your mobile device:

Acceptance of cookies

Continuing to browse the Website constitutes your acceptance of our use of cookies. You must understand that blocking or disabling the installation of cookies on your browser may result in the unavailability of certain services offered on the Site. Hence, you may be unable to fully access every tool and resource provided by us on the Website.

You may read this guide on the use of cookies of the Spanish Data Protection Agency for more information on cookies.