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About Us

Searching for the right Swimwear and Beach Essential

How many times have you gone online shopping items for a beach day only to discover that you can’t find everything you need under one roof?

Even more is the fact that items branded as high-grade quality with high tag prices that don’t meet up to expectations in quality, fabric, style, and finish.

While many people have less shopping time, online shopping is the number one place to get all your basic essentials.

Beach Essentials is a well-thought superstore that covers everything you need at the beach.

The swimwear is no longer a secondary piece of clothing but a functional piece of attire that is essential for comfort and convenience at the beach. It is a fashion statement that can mar or make your style at the beach.

To give our numerous customers the chance to purchase all beach essentials in one place, we decided to launch Beach Essentials.

Why are we launching Beach Essentials?

There is a lot of reason why we are launching Beach Essential; asides from the fact that we have wasted time and money buying fake brands and cheap quality most of which never made it a day after the beach.

Have you ever had that experience, spending too much for low-quality swimwear?

So, why are we launching Beach Essential?

To prevent you from buying cheap, low-quality items at an expensive price

Well for the obvious reason of saving you money and time shopping in various stores for the stuff you want. This is the number one idea why Beach Essentials is in the market to cater to your needs (beach essentials and swimwear).

To provide quality items that is worth the value of the money you paid

Shopping for small items online comes with a pay at your own risk, this is because most online stores don’t use the original images of the item but source for pictures online. Hence the disappointment when you buy them.

They look poorly made, unfinished with the thread hanging all over, or the color looking different from what you see online.

Beach Essential is a guarantee of quality delivered to your doorstep without any difference.

No way of knowing the Quality

This is the biggest problem with shopping online, while most store hype their reputations, your ratings and reviews should speak for you. We have broken the threshold with our quality and delivery process and have gained the reward through excellent service.

We know how you feel

We have all suffered the harsh reality that shopping online is not a guarantee, but through a thorough learning process, we have built-in place a system that has paid off in a big way for all our customers – now we save you money and time.

Beach Essentials is a store for anything you want, in any design with 100 percent peace of mind that all items have been checked [double checked] for quality by our fashion team.

Quality Verified and Vetted by our Team

To create the perfect getaway beach wardrobe, whether you are going on vacation in a faraway land or within your vicinity, having the proper items completes the trip. Beach Essentials is offering orders that have been thoroughly checked in terms of quality, size, and material to all our customers to help them create a winning combination that makes you look like a million bucks.

How our Products were selected?

Marketing is offering customers their needs and wants, while some can’t get it right 100 percent, at Beach Essential we have pulled all the strings to ensure that our selection is based on customer’s requests.

Our store is rated 4+ stars by our customers; this rating is based on the following

To further ensure that the selection process yields a 4+ star rating, we have on ground an amazing operations and procurement team that source only for items that customers dot on, gave a great review, or in the customer’s wish list.

The products and mix changes with your response, review, and feedback about the item, if it doesn’t get a 4-star rating, you won’t find it on revolves around YOU, the customer. Our team follows every click of what customers are buying, what they love, and an overall sales data, and with that, we remove all items that have low ratings or that customers never click or bother about.

Why we have tagged the 4+ Star?

We will keep saying it; Beach Essentials is the ONLY online site with a 4+ star rating on items in the store. We will not sell any piece with a rating of fewer than 4 stars. All our customers are the 4+ clients; hence all items must fit their status. uses our customer needs as the yardstick to order items on the store.

What our customers will benefit?

100 percent guarantee on quality, affordable, originality, and authenticity with delivery right on time.