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Swimsuits Cover Ups

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Hollow Out V Neck Beach Long Cover UpHollow Out V Neck Beach Long Cover Up
Hollow Out V Neck Beach Long Cover Up
Regular price$58.99$42.99

Let the world wonder what brand of swimwear you have underneath your cover-up

Contrary to the perception that cover-ups were for people trying to hide something, the cover-up is that “spy-like” piece that keeps a swimwear exciting.

They add an additional level of chic to your look and instantly transform you to a European goddess sunbathing in a remote island of the shores of Greece.

So if you are ready to take summer by storm, you need a cover-up that will accentuate your look but make you chic and proper from

What is your choice for a swimsuits cover-up?

While we want to look like the next girl walking like a model on the beach, cover-ups come in different types for different body types.

The most popular Pareo is a long wrap fabric that goes over your swimwear. It is very versatile and can be used in more ways it suits you. Where it is sheer, opaque, long, short, prints or plain, silk or cotton, has something to compliment your swimwear.

The Caftan is the ultimate bohemian chic look for the modern lady; it is free, flowing gown with large sleeves allowing the beach breeze to reach all over without exposing your body to the element.

The Tunic is a most luxurious piece of cover-up – it is usually like a short sheer dress that just flows like the waves on the beach.

The regular Beach Dress comes in maxi or mini prints gowns, it is sheer, free, flowing, lacey, and easy to slip on or off on the beach.

The crochet cover-ups are handmade designs with a bit of see-through effect, and texture contrast to the smooth feel of your swimwear.

The Poncho is a sheer and sleeveless drape that falls over the shoulders onto the body for some free time at the beach.

Have you made your choice or still looking for the perfect store to get one, visit for a style that fits you?